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Scourge Of Woman

by To End It All

Lure 04:18
LURE Be ablaze Conflagrate Cauterize Brand Scald Exacerbate Torch Desire Seduce Lure Delude Entice Erode Consume Seduce Lure
No hero's death Ill cracked and grasping hands Shriveled sunken eyes  Such white brittle lips Bloodied nails and cheeks Where madness tore its flesh No hero's death The foaming spittle drools A sunken heaving breast Struggling inhalation First the curses burst Next judgement and his sickening boast No hero's death The bile-y vomit stench  O putrid bowels loosed On damp and stinking bed A sweat-stained graying malady Writhing in his mess No hero's death Accusatory screams With spasms breaking through  Seeping blood and piss  From shriveled castrate O Sores, O Pus, Discharged No hero's death Issuance of carnal filth Tainted, sour, insane Final throes of blue eyed wretch Witnessed in nausea and relief Laud this dissolution of their impotent saint!
Beast Filth 04:18
Beast, filth, parasite Invading foreigner, leech, scourge of woman You bloody mass, parasite, gelatinous slab There you float, Content to destroy me Suspended in your watery sac A heartbeat so small, so easy to crush You'll never suck from my breast, no - I cut you out.
Involuntary power, demanding competition So dire, encompassing all Erasing compassion Grappling, claws extended Smile bared, she slices Instill fear, nudity of hatred Mouths searching for the breast Hungry, futility steeped in anger She sliced me A scar now festers Blind in suffering, This mewling maw still clings, still searches Teeth digging, she slices
A pale menacing burst of aggression is rapidly approaching the surface. This spill of awful force first burst forth from a fissure long ready to crack open as the beak of foul ego tapped and tapped and tapped its own white shell. Viral infection of self-aggrandizement and hatred spreading. Curtains, walls, lies and iron bars climbing up and slamming down. Handcuffs, razor wire, barbs and wiretaps encircling bodies and blood-fueled reality. Cranes of progress ever toppled by shovel after shovel after shovel of fearful blind belief, disturbing the ground on which future relies.  Future aborted. Dare we boil our own constant anger as leather shoes in times of utter starvation?  Churning helplessness in an anxious simmer, transforming poison into temporary, pathetic nourishment to share? Or submit to despair, subtly fading, eating our own flesh from within,  consumed in the rush of this gross infectious epidemic- hands effectively bound, mouths symbolically gagged - as shadow overlays truth and our eyes adjust to this grey, bland, suicidal land?
There are some sins of which we cannot be cleansed The sin of violating a mother The sin of violating a sister The sin of violating a daughter The sin of violating a mother and her child There are some words you’ll never hear confessed: I’ve sinned, I’ve violated my mother I’ve sinned, I’ve violated my sister I’ve sinned, I’ve violated my own daughter I’ve sinned, I violated my own mother and her child


released September 28, 2018


all rights reserved



To End It All Seattle, Washington

New full-length album & remix album LP's out now from Roman Numeral Records


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